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Meals on Wheels is "more than just a meal".

There are several reasons why Meals on Wheels is a better alternative than frozen supermarket meals or other frozen meal delivery services.

The simple answer is that we’re more than just a meal,  we are 3 services in one.

  1. We nourish: delicious and nutritious frozen meals delivered direct to you.
  2. We care for: physical and psychological well-being of vulnerable people is monitored, with family members or doctors notified if we notice anything amiss. 
  3. We strengthen communities:  important social contact is provided to people who may be isolated and lonely, and relationships are built with clients and volunteer teams.

No other meal service can offer what Meals on Wheels does. Meals on Wheels is the only service to offer Peace of Mind something that every client, family member and health professional wants. 

With Meals on Wheels you will have:

Peace of Mind that each meal is carefully prepared to highest food safety standard and maximimum nutritional value required for our clients who are elderly, ill or recuperating.

Peace of Mind that with each delivery two trusted people will be entering the home.

Peace of Mind that with each delivery a friendly and trusted person will heat and place the meal on the table, open the container if necessary or place the meal in the freezer.

Peace of Mind that because our drivers have regular contact with our clients they are in a position to notice if someone is unwell or in some cases not answering their door.  In these scenarios Meals on Wheels will contact family or the doctor and where appropriate will call an ambulance if the situation is an emergency.

Peace of Mind that with each delivery our drivers have the time to talk and listen, laugh and empathise.  We can share stories of life experiences, discuss daily events and even help with minor tasks,

Peace of Mind that this community service has more than 60 years of experience specific to this client group.  It is regularly monitored and audited by local, state and federal governments to ensure its services are

  1. trusted,
  2. reliable,
  3. affordable,                    
  4. hygenic, and
  5. nutritious


“Although funding for this Meals on Wheels Service has been provided by the Australian Government, the material contained herein does not necessarily represent the views or policies of the Australian Government.”


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